Specialization Mini-MBA in Public Relations, Business Protocol and Events

The MINI MBA is aimed at providing technical training graduates in the field of Public Relations. Currently, any institution that wishes to modern cannot do without an organized and ongoing work of information management and image, in order to affirm and consolidate its presence in the market. Equally important is to get a receptive climate for the product that works: be a person, an idea, a business, a product or service, etc.

To provide participants with knowledge and skills at the level of the institution in the field of Public Relations and Protocol.

In the end, the students are able to:
  • Master protocol and behavioral rules adjusted to different situations;
  • Designing, Planning, and Run Events.


Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – Public Relations
  • Concept and Concepts. Historical Perspective;
  • Public Relations, the Company and the companies;
  • Public Relations and Public Opinion.
Module II – Planning in Public Relations.
  • Objectives and strategies;
  • Means and techniques;
  • The Different Types of Public. External and Internal Public Relations;
  • The program. Problem Analysis. Search. Planning. Budget. Execution;
  • Results analysis. Advice to customers. Media information. Events Public Relations;
  • Field trip.
Module III – The Public Relations Department
  • Creation, Operation, Professional Practice.
Module IV– Event Planning
  • Introducti on to Planning;
  • Place, Date and Target Audience;
  • Event program;
  • Allocation of resources;
  • Communication strategy;
  • Logistics planning;
  • Budget;
  • Plan Event;
  • Case Study.
Module V – Knowledge Test
  • Assess and evaluate the knowledge acquired.
Module VI – Closing
  • Course evaluation: trainers and trainees.

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