SPECIALIZATION MINI-MBA in Planning and Management Control

This Specialization Mini-MBA will focus on the main issues included in financial area of an Organization ( Planning, Management Control, Budget Management , Excel for Management and Reporting Control) in order to provide a complete mastery of the most important aspects in each from them.

This Specialization Mini-MBA aims to provide and update skills to enable master key aspects under above.

At the end of this Specialization Mini-MBA participants will:
  • Know that consist of and what are the main functions in an organization;
  • Know what the main tasks of the financial function;
  • To know what is the Financial Management and its main objectives;
  • Be aware of the most relevant aspects related to financial stability;
  • To know what is the Financial Analysis and master their main techniques;
  • Have domain of the main aspects related to planning an organization;
  • Know what constitutes the Management Control and the responsibility centers;
  • To know the main management control systems;
  • Knowing what constitute the "incentive systems";
  • Meet the objectives of budgetary management;
  • Knowing how prepared the Annual Budget;
  • Know what constitutes the Budgetary Control;
  • Know the capabilities of a spreadsheet (Excel) that allow optimal use in the financial sector (with special emphasis on Management and Reporting Control).


Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • General objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – “The Management and Financial Analysis”
  • The company;
  • The main " functions" of the company;
  • The financial function:
  • The "Financial Management"
  • The Financial balance:
  • "Financial Analysis".
Module II – “The Management Control”
  •  “Planning”
  • Management Control:
  • “OVAR” method;
  •  “Dashboard” (Tableau de board);
  • “BSC - Balanced Scorecard”;
  • “Reporting”.
  • “Incentive systems”.
Module III – “Budget Management”
  • Budget Management Objectives;
  •  Preparation of the Annual Budget;
  • Budgetary Control.
Module IV – “Excel for Management Control and Reporting”
  • Emphasizing the main capabilities of Excel for optimal use in financial area (special focus on management control and reporting);
  • Variations analysis;
  • Scenario analysis;
  • Sensitivity analysis;
  • Goal Seek and Solver;
  • Optimal use of graphics;
  • Principal financial functions;
  • Using conditional formatting in reporting;
  • PivotTables;
  • Protection of information;
  • Links between files;
  • Macros;
  • Use shortcuts;
  • Preparation of Management and Reporting Control reports;
  • Preparation of a "Tableau de Board";
  • Development of indicators of panels with "traffic lights";
  • Reporting in Management Control.
Module V – Proof of knowledge
  • Assess and evaluate the knowledge acquired.
Module VI – Closing
  • Evaluation of the Specialization Mini-MBA: trainers and trainees.

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