Specialization Mini-MBA in Accounting Auditing Financial and Fiscal

The audit aims to examine in a comprehensive way the accounting, financial and tax information of a particular company with the purpose of determining the integrity of the internal control system in the financial statements.
The audit is becoming more centralized day to guide decision-making for improved efficiency and effectiveness of the company in the procedures adopted than to penalize the error occurred.

This Specialization Mini-MBA aims to provide and update skills to enable:
  • Understand the principles and techniques of Accounting Auditing Financial and Fiscal;
  • Meet and enable the system of production and control of accounting and financial information;
  • Addressing the latest developments in the areas of audit and management control;
  • Provide participants with a solid knowledge base necessary for making financial, operational and strategic decisions in organizations.


Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – Auditing
  • Auditing standards;
  • Summary of the audit process;
  • Evidence and working papers;
  • Audit procedures;
  • Strategy and audit plan;
  • System of internal control;
  • Verification of the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts;
  • Verification of consolidated accounts;
  • Conclusions and audit reports;
  • Organization of the profession;
  • Case Studies – Analysis of a case.
Module II – Knowing the methodologies and techniques of Accounting and Financial Audit
  • Auditing standards;
  • Introduction to Accounting Banking and Insurance;
  • Analysis of the main rules and regulations.
Module III – Management and Information Systems Control
  • The management control process;
  • Costing systems;
  • Organizational design;
  • Budgetary control systems;
  • Goal setting, performance evaluation and incentive systems;
  • Financial performance measures for investment centers;
  • Divisional performance and transfer pricing;
  • Support systems to control management and risk management.
Module IV – Taxation and Tax Audit
  • Identification and resolution of specific problems and study of the fiscal impact of making operational and strategic decisions in the company;
  • Under the understanding and scope of overhaul measures of tax systems;
  • Analysis of the main procedures of tax audit.
Module V – Financial Audit
  • Methodological procedures applied to external auditors and Internal that enable participants to develop the actions of audit and business control;
  • Audit review of technical standards (accounting standards) of the ROC order;
  • The proof in Auditing: Preparation and constitution of the supporting documentation evidence for the audit;
  • Case studies.
Module VI – Risk Management
  • Risk Matrix;
  • Systematization of methodologies and inventory and risk control - dictionary and matrix of risks;
  • Developing a plan of risk management activities and integration in planning processes and management of the units and functions of the company;
  • Monitoring and reporting on implementation progress of the action plan.
Module VII – Proof of knowledge
  • To assess and evaluate the knowledge acquired.
Module VIII – Closing
  • Evaluation of the Specialization Mini-MBA: trainers and trainees.
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