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  • Euroticket Training

    Euroticket Training
     High Skills announces its partnership with Euroticket Training, High Skills being a Certified Training Center by DGERT and ISO9001: 2015 from May 2018 onwards, it is possible to carry out Euro Ticket Formation Voucher exchange.

    For companies the acquisition of these training vouchers is quite advantageous as it will increase the income of its employees dedicated to their training contributing to an increase of their motivation, benefiting from the total exemption of TSU for your company.

    The training in turn will be recognized and will be able to fulfill the 35 hours per year according to your real training needs.
    For more information contact us at geral@highskills.pt or
    telephone Portugal 00351 217 931 365 | Angola 00244 94 112 60 90 | Mozambique 00258 821 099 522 | Cape Verde 00238 924 20 25 | São Tomé e Príncipe 00239 999 25 15
    Or if you want, you can always go to our headquarters located at Av de Berna nº 11, 8 andar, 1050-040 Lisboa.

    We wait for you!
  • Lidel

     The High Skills closed a cooperative partnership with Editora Lidel . This way your Monthly Seminars will be supported by this manual Publisher .
  • aIMC - Engineering audits and inspections

    aIMC - Engineering audits and inspections
     The High Skills and the aIMC Engineering closed a partnership protocol, that allows providing their customers the service Audits and consulting engineering Inspections and certified training techniques in the area, in the following countries, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe.
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