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High Skills World
  • Lidel

     The High Skills closed a cooperative partnership with Editora Lidel . This way your Monthly Seminars will be supported by this manual Publisher .
  • aIMC - Engineering audits and inspections

    aIMC - Engineering audits and inspections
     The High Skills and the aIMC Engineering closed a partnership protocol, that allows providing their customers the service Audits and consulting engineering Inspections and certified training techniques in the area, in the following countries, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe.
  • Catarina Ribeiro Pereira Outplacement Specialist Coach

     The High Skills promotes by Catarina Ribeiro Pereira over an essential service to you and your organization Outplacement Coaching. This process prepares a person to find a new professional project, maximizing their opportunities for professional development and increasing their employability.

    Looking for a new professional opportunity, often unemployed, is an experience of great emotional and psychological requirement, which goes far beyond the professional scope, reaching directly to personal, financial and family life of the person.

    The success to find a new professional project goes a good emotional skills and management simultaneously by acquiring job search strategies.

    Throughout the process of Coaching, Outplacement person is prepared for new challenges, discovering over time new features and behavioral skills that support emotional management of change, in the clear definition of objectives, elaborate a CV, how to make a successful interview, among other themes.

  • OfficeLab

    The High Skills extended its activity to Porto, through the partnership OfficeLab.

    The Officelab is a business center and incubator that provides infrastructure and services of excellence for business support in the area of the Porto city.

  • Portugal 2020