Mini-MBA Specialization in PROJECT FINANCE

This Specialization Mini-MBA will focus on the main issues included in the Project Finance presenting some features that make it a unique form of financing and issues will be addressed as the development of the financial model, the optimization of the financing structure, identifying and managing the various risks of the project the establishment of agreements and partnerships, among others.

At the end of this Specialization Mini-MBA participants will:
  • Knowing that consist of and what are the main functions in an organization;
  • To know what is the Financial Management and its main objectives;
  • Able to evaluate companies;
  • Knowing how analysis of investment projects;
  • Knowing how the Investment financing options;
  • Be aware of the most important aspects involved in the planning and management control;
  • Be aware of the specifics of a budgetary procedure;
  • How to manage short-term corporate finance.


Module 0 – Opening

Module I – Legal Perspective

Module II – Look at the granting

Module III – Supervisory perspective

Module IV – Public auditors perspetive

Module V – Financial perspetive

Module VI – Proof of knowledge

Module VII – Closing

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