MINI MBA Specialization Accounting and Strategic Planning

This MINI-MBA aims to provide participants with skills and knowledge in the Financial domain, including reaching a level of skills that will enable them to understand the importance of aligning financial / economic information and the strategy of companies.

At the end of this Specialization Mini-MBA trainees will be able to:
  • Analyze financial statements;
  • Read and understand the provided information in the Financial statement and in the income statement;
  • Identify sources of financial information;
  • Identify and place the functions developed in accountancy;
  • Master some ratios and indicators in the Economical-Financial Analysis;
  • Counting (funding by own capital, in the optics of subsidies assignment;
  • Point out the importance of strategic management in the companies;
  • Encourage the creativity and interest in the choice of developing strategies;
  • Present action schemes to accept challenges and achieve the stablished objectives of the company.


Module 0 – Opening

Module I – Accountancy and Finances

Module II – Business Strategy: Principles and Options

Module III – How to elaborate a business plan

Module IV – SNC (Accounting Normalization System)

Module V – Proof of knowledge

Module VI – Closing

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