Plan of Specialization MINI-MBA in Communication and Effective Writing – Development of Business Support Documents and Social

This Mini MBA aims to provide and update skills to identify and draft the greatest possible number of professional and social documents, essential to the effective functioning of any institution.

At the end of this Specialization Mini-MBA the trainees were able to:
  • Understand the Functioning of the Portuguese Language;
  • Identify and manage the mechanisms of writing dynamics
  • Identify the types of business documents;
  • Correctly write business documents (minutes, presentations, letters, social cards, circulars, emails, memos, reports, summaries, plans: events, trips, etc.) and social (presentations, letters, social and representation cards, etc.)



Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – Understand the Functioning of the Portuguese Language
  • Know the main assumptions of the Portuguese language;
  • Identify the key elements of prescriptive and descriptive grammar;
  • Analyze the specific vocabulary of each professional and personal document;
  • Recognize the changes introduced by the new orthographic agreement.
Module II – Identify and manage the writing dynamic mechanisms
  • Manage production tools writing, appropriate to each document;
  • Identify the most common mistakes and avoid them;
  • Write documents using stylistic correction;
  • Test their knowledge through actual utterances.

Module III – Mechanisms of written expression: Stages of drafting professional and social documents
  • Plan strategies according to the objectives :
  • Run the documents according to the formulated plan:
  • Assess and validate the final results:
Module IV – Identify and Writing professional documents
  • Minutes;
  • Letter;
  • Presentation letter;
  • Social cards;
  • Circular – mailing;
  • Statement – Press Release;
  • Contract agreement;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Declaration;
  • Email;
  • Shipping / Receiving information;
  • Instruction;
  • Order of Service;
  • Memo;
  • Complaint;
  • Application;
  • Report.

Module V – Identify and Compose social documents
  • Opinion article;
  • Blog;
  • Letter;
  • Presentation letter;
  • Thanksgiving card;
  • Invitation card;
  • Condolence card;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Declaration;
  • Email;
  • Complaint;
  • Application;
  • Report.
Module III – Knowledge Test and Assessment
  • Assess and evaluate the knowledge acquired.
Module IV – Closing Action
  • Specialization MIni-MBA evaluation: trainers and trainees.

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Duration: 50 Horas
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