Mini-MBA Specialization in Banking and Financial Markets - Market Rooms

 This course of specialization fundamentals will focus on the main thematic areas within the Banking area, addressing areas of generic knowledge, transversal to the organizations and useful domain for this and other activities and addressing specific areas of activity, with the objective of providing a complete mastery of the most relevant aspects in each of them. In doing this course of fundamentals of specialization we have as main objective to provide and update skills that allow us to master the main aspects in the scope of banking activity.
Specific objectives
At the end of this course participants should:
  • Enable deeper knowledge about banking products and services;
  • Deepen concepts to facilitate the relationship between Companies and Banking, strengthening the companies' negotiating capacity;
  • Transmit knowledge in order to facilitate the integration of Graduates in Financial Institutions;
  • Enable the bank career progression for professionals in the sector;
  • To know the nature of the banking activity and its functions;
  • Know the Chart of Accounts for the banking system;
  • To know the International Economic activity;
  • To know the banking activity to support international trade;
  • To master the main aspects related to the foreign exchange market;
  • To master the main aspects related to means of payment;
  • Know the main international trade operations;
  • Know the ways of liquidating international trade;
  • Mastering the financing of international trade.


 Module 0 - Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and methodologies for the operation of training activities.
Module I - Banking and the Financial System
  • Introduction:
    • Concept of company;
    • The functions;
    • The formal and informal organization.
  • Introduction to banking business;
  • The different banking structures. The Concept of Universal Banking;
  • Credit Institutions and Financial Companies;
  • The Financial System.
Module II - Banking Products and Services
  • Bank Account and Bank Deposit;
  • Means of movement of accounts (checks, cards, transfers);
  • Credit to individuals;
  • Business loans: the term of hiring; the bank overdraft and the Certified Checking Account; factoring and confirming; furniture and real estate leasing; the credit by subscription;
  • Concept of effective annual rate (APR) and actual cost of a financing;
  • Reference rates: EONIA and Euribor;
  • The negotiation with the Bank;
  • The Banking Services.
Module III - International Operations and Means of Payment and Financial Markets
  • International economic and banking activity;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Payment options;
  • International trade operations;
  • Forms of settlement in international trade;
  • The financing of international trade;
  • Introduction to Financial Markets:
    • Issuance and transaction of financial products;
    • Actions and obligations. The public debt;
    • Primary market and secondary market;
    • Risk Management Techniques and hedging instruments;
    • Natural Hedging;
    • Swap's;
    • Futures and Options.
Module IV- Organization and Operation of Market Halls
  • Scheme of Organization of a Market Room:
    • Presentation of the Scheme of Organization of a Market Room.
  • Characterization of the various Working Groups:
    • Characterization of the various Working Groups.
  • Monetary Markets:
    • Treasury;
    • Foreign Currency Money Market.
  • Foreign Exchange Market:
    • Spot Market;
    • Forward Market.
  • Capital market:
    • Organization of the Capital Market;
    • Bond Market;
    • Stock Market;
    • Derivative Products;
    • Futures;
    • Options.
  • Simulation of the Functioning of a Market Room:
    • Simulation of the Functioning of a Market Room.
  • Case Studies:
    • Resolution of Practical Cases in Working Groups.
Module IV - Exam Preparation

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Duration: 50 Horas
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