Soccer Team High Skills

 The High Skills in the scope of social responsibility began in 2016 to sponsor a football team the "Coachers".

This sponsorship was due to the High Skills know the work that is done by the elements of this football team, who are young coaches and dedicate their time to pro-bono coaching children and adolescents (ages 5 and 14).

The work of this team of young coaches is but only by playing football, but because they are essential elements in the lives of these children and adolescents such as teamwork, management of their school activities with practices and games involved, commitment and above all FairPlay and Ethics.

Sport should be promoted by all entities, and have young adults elements to take on pro-bono these commitments is a good sign for our society, such as sports, professional, personal and school can be integrated within a community in a unique way!

On behalf of Team High Skills our thanks for your excellent work!
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!