Follow the Digital Transformation, an obligation for yesterday!

Organizations today are grappling with the continuing need to keep up with the hectic pace of digital transformation, legal obligations, competition enforcement, and the need to do more, faster and more effectively. This amazing speed presents incredible challenges from the point of view of structure, processes and human resources. Being on the front line or simply following all this dynamic forces organizations and their leaders to identify the best solutions taking into account their reality and the objectives they want to achieve. Organizations today are required to be more transparent in having to ensure that they follow rules and standards that society imposes while at the same time being more exposed and having to be able to respond more quickly and more effectively.

In short these days, human resources are extremely busy with their daily activities, with no time to autonomously acquire new knowledge. It is not enough to pass the knowledge is necessary to look for it outside the organization, where there is already accumulated knowledge and experience, preferably tested by the implementation of this same knowledge in other organizations.

Increasingly, training takes on a more practical role, organizations are looking for more practical content, with proven solutions that can solve immediate problems. This is the challenge facing HR departments and training companies, responding to immediate needs.

Author Sérgio Fontes

He was born on August 25, 1976 in Calw, Germany. He is Director of Operations (COO) of DeltaTrend BVBA where he combines the experience acquired in software development, team coordination, consulting, analysis and design of applications over more than 10 years of activity in the private sector. Participated and managed projects projects in banking and insurance, defense, government and public administration, energy efficiency and retail. It also participated in R & D projects under the European Commission's responsibility in international consortia.

Among its competences are the project management and coordination of teams in international environment, design, design and testing of computer applications in Desktop, Web and Mobile environments, implementation and optimization of processes and training.

He recently completed the RGPD implementation process in ReloTracker software, an expatriate management solution, which is currently used in more than 40 countries.

Graduated in Applied Mathematics from the University of Évora, having attended the Post-Graduation in Informatics at the Faculdade Ciências da Lisboa, and completed the Master's Degree in Strategic Direction and Innovation Management in a joint program of the Carlos III University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Alicante.

As a trainer, he collaborates with several Portuguese training companies in the area of ​​Information Technologies, with particular emphasis on Programming Languages, Modeling Software Testing and Administration and Programming of Database Systems.

As a participatory citizen in the community he was Secretary and Vice-President of Ribamar Town Council (2000-2004), President of Ribamar Town Council (2005-2009), Member of Lourinhã Municipal Assembly (2005-2009), Councilor of Lourinhã Municipal Council (2009-13), Rapporteur of the Commission on Environment and Quality of Life (2005-2009) and Member of the Board of Planning and Strategic Management of Lourinhã (2013).