MINI-MBA Specialization in Lean Operations Management

 The MINI-MBA in Lean Operations Management is intended for industrial or service company boards. The objective of this MINI-MBA is to prepare the trainees to be active elements in their organizations, implementing good management practices and Lean solutions that improve the operational and financial performance of the companies where they are inserted.
The assimilation of Lean knowledge and experiences will open new horizons for participants, enabling them to better meet the challenges of a constantly changing market.
Specific objectives:
The MINI-MBA promotes in the trainees the knowledge about a set of tools oriented to the continuous improvement of processes in both the industry and the services, as well as the necessary tools for the definition of strategies of implementation of Lean principles in the organizations where they are inserted.
At the end of the course the trainees should be able to:
  • Know and apply Lean methodologies and tools;
  • Develop the implementation of Lean solutions in organizations and personal life;
  • Transmit knowledge and involve colleagues and people with whom they work;
  • Steer the efforts of your role and / or department to continuously improve performance;
  • Encourage teamwork and lead to results for your client.


 Module I - Lean Thinking and Strategy
Module II - Process Analysis and Continuous Improvement of Products and Processes
Module III - Leadership and Change Management
Module IV - Materials Flow Management
Module V - Lean Manufacturing
Module VI - Lean Services
Module VII - Lean Accounting and Performance Management
Module VIII - Exam

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Duration: 50 Horas
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