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Knowing Storytelling Presentations and Exposições- The Secret of Great Communicators

One of the most prominent features of almost all so-called "inspiring" leaders is their ability to tell stories. A well-told and well-told story is a true mobilizing factor for the hearer's action and shares their values ​​and ideals through the almost instantaneous bond between people and the emotional power of the stories.
This course aims to equip participants with the skills and competences that allow them to incorporate some stories daily in business communication.
Specific objectives:
Throughout this course participants will learn to Communicate with more passion, energy and enthusiasm and discover a proven method for building cooperation, understanding and teamwork in your company, and in the end they will know:
  • Incorporate stories in your speeches and communications that appeals to the emotions of listeners;
  • Awaken interest in people and capture their attention and motivation to listen;
  • Influence and gain the trust of the people with whom you communicate;
  • Transmit information in an experiential way for a better retention of information;
  • Lower the defenses and resistances of the listener;
  • Be more efficient in meetings, presentations and internal and external communication of local companies;
  • Engage listeners with stories that make them mentally get "alone" to the intended communication goals;
  • Mobilize people for action.


 1. History of thought;
2. Creating and telling stories - principles and good practices;
3. Analysis of feedback and reinforcement / adaptation of history;
4. The process of refinement of stories;
5. Case analysis and simulation of sessions.

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