Safety in Scaffold Mounting and Disassembly

General Objectives:
This course covers the assembly operations that must be carried out under the direction of a competent person. Topics such as the level of safety are addressed, providing the trainee with training that allows the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge of assembly, use and dismantling of scaffolding, as well as the development of practical skills to act as a scaffolding inspector, exploring the behavioral aspects and emphasizing the importance of environmental and safety issues.

Specific Objectives:
At the end of the action, trainees will be able to:
• Interpret and execute a scaffolding assembly, disassembly and reconversion plan;
• Know the basic safety rules and procedures in the assembly, use and disassembly of scaffolding;
• Make a better assessment of the risks involved
• Know the individual and collective protections that are essential to guarantee safety;
• Identify and apply measures to prevent the risk of falling people and objects;
• Identify and apply the security measures that guarantee the scaffold's safety in any weather condition;
• Identify and apply safety measures that guarantee the safety of the scaffold in any type of soil.


Module I - Prevention
  • Main concepts and their importance;
  • Good practices.
Module II - Site Implementation
  • Planning;
  • Necessary documentation associated with scaffolding, namely the instruction manual, periodic verification reports, training, etc .;
  • Interpretation of the scaffold assembly, disassembly and reconversion plan;
  • Permissible loading conditions.
Module III - Risk Assessment
  • The concept of risk;
  • Determination of existing risks;
  • Most common risks;
  • Measures to prevent the risk of falling people or objects;
  • Evaluation of work teams;
  • More effective working methods.
Module IV - Scaffolding Assembly, Disassembly and Exploration Security
  • Security procedures;
  • Fundamentais Basic rules to be taken into account;
  • Measures to ensure the safety of the scaffolding in the event of changing weather conditions;
  • Measures to ensure the safety of the scaffold according to the type of soil that exists.
Module V - Case Studies

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