Contract Management

General Objectives:
This course aims to create or reinforce the skills of participants in the area of contract management, in view of the procedures to be adopted and the responsibilities of each of the stakeholders.

Specific objectives:
At the end of this course, participants are able to:
• Apply the procedures and instruments in the management of a contract;
• Understand the legislation in force in this matter;
• Analyze and coordinate a construction project;
• Identify safety precautions and duties;
• Implement the physical management of the contract.


Module I - Introduction

Module II - Legislation in Force

Module III - Project Analysis, Compatibility and Coordination

Module IV - Project Safety Procedures

Module V - Physical Management of the Contract
  • Obligations of the general contractor, subcontractors and employers;
  • Consignment report of the work;
  • Work book;
  • Site safety procedures;
  • Construction management procedures;
  • Cost analysis;
  • Analysis of deadlines;
  • Errors and omissions;
  • Measurement reports;
  • Analysis of deviations from the contract;
  • Price review;
  • Final Final account of the contract;
  • Quality control;
  • Security control;
  • Preparation of minutes and reports;
  • Provisional and definitive reception.

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