Project Management and Construction Inspection

This course aims to equip participants with theoretical and practical skills to understand the conditions of transportation and delivery by exporters and importers, in order to define an international distribution strategy.

Specific objectives

At the end of the training the participants will be able to:
• Understand the functioning of the transport typology;
• Define the air transport process;
• Describe the material and human resources involved in air transport;
• Identify the legislation applicable to the air transport sector;
• Define the maritime transport process;
• Describe the material and human resources involved in each type of maritime transport;
• Identify the legislation applicable to the maritime transport sector;
• Equating the total costs of the various services;
• Know and understand the Incoterms and the advantages in their use.


Module I - Operational concepts - definition, organization, leadership and information systems of project management (project management)
  • Definition of the concept of Project Management;
  • Functions, areas and objectives of the Project Manager;
  • Definition of objectives (Project Charter);
  • Organization and organization of project teams;
  • Leadership styles applicable to project management;
  • Information Systems (Communication Management).
Module II - Planning, Budgeting and Control
  • Planning: Process of decomposition of the project (enterprise) in activities;
  • Critical Path Method (CPM);
  • Selection of software and allocation of human and material resources;
  • Cost Management: Elaboration of the macro budget.
Module III - Project development: contracting, negotiation, project control and risk control
  • Contracting process from the tender phase to the contracting phase;
  • Negotiation process with observance of quality;
  • Program control, budget and quality;
  • Risks: Anticipation, control and resolution (decision tree);
  • Preparation of reports / meeting minutes.
Module IV - Post-completion evaluation of the project
  • Case study;
  • Evaluation of the experience and how to improve future projects;
  • Final project result and post-sale prospects;
  • Preparation of the final report.

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Duration: 18 Horas
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