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Accounting and Taxation Technical Insurance - Plan of Accounts for Insurance Companies

This course aims to reinforce the knowledge of employees in Technical Accounting Insurance.

Specific objectives:
At the end of the training the trainees are able to:
• Understand accounting methodologies based on IAS / IFRS;
• Know the insurance process;
• Demonstrate the financial position and performance of the company.


Module I - Introduction
-Definition of accounting
-The conceptual framework and IAS 1
-The accounting policy (IAS 8)
- Estimates and errors (IAS 8)

Module II - Financial position and performance
-Demonstration of financial position
- Profit and loss account and statement of comprehensive income
-Accounting process
- Principles of measurement

Module III - Basic Concepts - Insurance Accounting
- Classification of contracts (insurance contracts, investment contracts and service contracts)

Module IV - Insurance Process
-Values ​​from contracts
- Insurance premium (procedure for issuing and recognizing the premium, tax charges)
-Commissions received from investment contracts
-Commissions received from service contracts
- Commissions payable: insurance contracts, investment contracts, service contracts

Module V - Liabilities arising from contracts
-Contract insurance
-Investment contracts
-Service contracts

Module VI - Reinsurance and co-insurance

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Duration: 60 h
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