Consulting in Management of Health and Safety at Work -
Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis


Every year, millions of people worldwide are victims of accidents and occupational diseases. To change these numbers, it is essential that the risks, put in place effective security measures and ensure their strict compliance.

Thus the promotion of safety and health of workers in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents and the emergence of occupational diseases should be the main goal of any organization acting

Laws Health and Safety at Work applies to all organizations, regardless of their activity or size.

Health management and? Safety at work

Management of Health and Safety at Work involves identifying the risks associated with the workplace, facilities and the development of the activity, that is, situations that could cause harm to employees and third parties and the decision of whether it is or not doing enough to prevent its occurrence.

A risk assessment is based mainly on identifying, given the existing situation, the necessary measures to control the damage to Health and Safety.

Our main objective:

Improve the safety and health (OSH) within our customer organizations
Identify the hazards and risks present in the workplace and determine its magnitude
Establish and implement an adequate program of prevention and control of occupational risks detected
Foster communication among workers and develop their skills in the field of Health and Safety (OHS)

Our purpose:

We intend, therefore, contribute to the promotion and development of the ability of our customers to control the risk factors associated with their activities, allowing them to improve their competitiveness and optimize their efficiency and effectiveness.

Starting from the careful identification of hazards and associated risks make a rigorous analysis of the same, proposing preventive and / or corrective measures for their control, the use of appropriate and financially viable solutions, aimed at contributing to the safety and health of the human capital and simultaneously for the competitiveness of our client organizations.

Benefits of Risk Analysis
  • Reduction of costs and risks:
  • Reducing absenteeism rates;
  • Reducing the rotation of workers;
  • Fewer accidents;
  • Less likely to lawsuits;
  • To ensure better continuity of activity and increased productivity:
  • Avoiding or reducing incidents;
  • Reducing or avoiding accidents;
  • Decrease breaks and faults in the production process;
  • Increasing prestige and reputation with suppliers, customers and other partners;
  • Increases the satisfaction and commitment of employees.

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Safer environments make people happier improve their commitment and effectiveness in developing their tasks!