Specialization MINI-MBA in Banking and Financial Markets at a Distance

This Specialization Mini-MBA of specialization fundamentals will focus on the main issues included under the Banking area, covering areas of general knowledge, transversal organizations and useful domain for this and other activities and addressing specific areas of activity, in order to provide complete mastery of the most relevant aspects in each of them.

When we conduct this Specialization Mini-MBA of specialization foundations we have as main in order to provide and update skills to enable master key aspects within the banking activity.

At the end of this Specialization Mini-MBA participants will:
  • Allow a deeper knowledge of banking products and services;
  • Deepen concepts to facilitate the relationship between the Company and the Banking, strengthening the bargaining power of companies;
  • Transmit the knowledge in order to facilitate the integration of Graduates in Financial Institutions;
  • Enable progress in banking sector to sector;
  • What constitutes the banking and its functions;
  • Knowing the Chart of Accounts for the banking system;
  • Knowing the International Economic activity;
  • Take notice of banking support to international trade;
  • Have dominion of the main aspects related to foreign exchange;
  • Have dominion of the main aspects related to the means of payment;
  • Know the main international trade;
  • Knowing the ways of settlement of international trade;
  • Mastering the financing of international trade.


Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – The Banking and Financial System
  • Introduction:
  • Business concept;
  • Functions;
  • The formal and informal organization.
  • Introduction to banking;
  • The different structure bank. The Universal Banking concept;
  • Credit Institutions and Financial Companies;
  • The Financial System.
Module II – Products and Banking Services
  • Bank account and bank deposit;
  • Accounts handling means (checks, cards , transfers);
  • Loans to individuals;
  • Corporate Loans: the period of employment; The overdraft and current account Pledged; Factoring and confirming; The equipment leasing and real estate; Credit for signature;
  • Effective annual rate concept (APR) and the real cost of financing;
  • The reference rates: EONIA and Euribor;
  • The negotiation with the dealer;
  • The Banking Services.
Module III – International Operations and Means of Payment and Financial Markets
  • Economic activity and international banking;
  • Foreign exchange;
  • Payment options;
  • International trade operations;
  • Forms of settlement in international trade;
  • The financing of international trade;
  • Introduction to Financial Markets: Issuance and transaction of financial products;
  • Stocks and bonds. The public debt;
  • Primary and secondary markets;
  • Risk management techniques and hedging instruments;
  • Natural hedging;
  • Swap's;
  • Futures and Options.
Module IV – Knowledge Teste
  • Measure and evaluate the knowledge acquired.
Module V – Closing
  • Evaluation of the Specialization Mini-MBA: trainers and trainees.

The necessary prerequisites to attend this course are:
Have access to a computer or tablet with an Internet connection and a browser (program for surfing the web), such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
You can access the course from any computer (for example, at home and at the office), tablet or smartphone.

This course is always with the trainer, who will even give a face-to-face training through the platform.
The trainee can intervene together with the trainer or with the other trainees as he does in the classroom.
Practices and exercises will always be made available by the non-final trainer of each training session.
At the end of the course, you will receive a Professional Training Certificate if you attend at least 90% of the classes, carry out the proposed work and tests, participate in the online exercise and have a positive final assessment.
This training is certified and recognized.
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Duration: 50 Horas
Investment: 1.450€ + IVA
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