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RGPD - Repercussion in Public Administration

The new General Regulations on Data Protection replace the current law on the protection of personal data, which is designed to determine the use that is made of personal data in a way that is not used indiscriminately and that may cause any kind of damage.
This seminar is aimed at all professionals in the public sector, framing the participants with the new legal regime of data protection (RGPD) as well as its interpretation and its impact on public bodies.
At the end of the seminar the trainees were able to integrate an efficient compliance process, aware of all their responsibilities, rights and obligations, in order to effectively implement the RGPD in a public body.


Module I - Fundamentals of Data Protection and Privacy
- Legal Framework
- RPGD Concepts and Definitions
- Stakeholders and their responsibilities
- Rights of data subjects
- Special data categories and their treatment
- Consent and declaration of conformity
- Transfer of cross-border data
- Characterization of the DPO in public bodies

- Security and data protection

Module II - Practical implementation of compliance with the RGPD
- General concepts of RPGD
* Parameterization of personal data
* Rights of data subjects and treatment mechanisms
- Conceptions of technical nature of RPGD
* The role of the multidisciplinary team in the design of compliance
* Identity management
* Access management
* Logical records for mapping the data processing activity
* Data security management (data security management)
- Transfer and transfer of data
* Assignment to third parties and subcontractors
* Cross-border transfer
- RPGD compliance test
* Proof of self-regulation
- Impact assessment (PIA)
* Compliance Statement
- Privacy by design and privacy (default by default)
- Encryption and pseudonymization of data
- Privacy breaches; notifications and communications

Module III - Analysis, resolution and discussion of practical cases in multidisciplinary groups

This seminar includes:
- Participation kit.
- Book "New General Regulations on Data Protection"
A practical guide that summarizes the main themes of the RGPD, commented in a simple, clear and useful.
It includes 14 steps to start implementing the Regulation in Organizations.
- Training Certificate.
- Coffee-Breaks.

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Duration: 7 h
Investment: 210,00€ (+IVA)
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