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Master in Human Resource Management and Labor Taxation - Practical Component

The Human Resources Course has the following objectives:
  • Enable for the operational management of human resources;
  • Develop capacities for the conception of integrated strategies (psychosocial, cultural, technical and economic-financial) of management and development of human resources at organizational and social level;
  • Promote analysis skills and definition of human resources policies at the organizational and social level (local, regional and national).

Specific objectives

At the end of the Course the trainees will be able to:
  • Recognize the importance of Ethics in Recruitment and Selection processes;
  • Identify the stages of curriculum analysis, as well as the various tests that integrate the selection of collaborators;
  • Know in general the parts of a performance management system and the importance of defining individual objectives;
  • Identify various training modalities and solutions in the field of personal development


Module 0 - Opening    Elaboration of internal regulations / Code of Conduct / Ethics / Corporate Responsibility;

  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and methodologies of operation of training action.

Module I - Management of human resources projects
  • Framework - Project Management applied to Human Resources;
  • Project management tools;
  • Management and Registration;
  • Practical application exercise.

Module II - Social Security

  • Law of Bases and Legal Regime of Binding;
  • Family Benefits;
  • System and Calculation of Reforms:
    • Old age;
    • Early.
  • Compensation Maps
  • Mandatory Contributions;
  • Analysis of practical cases, with application of local legislation.

Module III - Taxation
  • IRT;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Subsidies;
  • Exemptions and Benefits;
  • Fiscal Rules for Compensation of Remuneration;
  • Analysis of practical cases, with application of local legislation.
Module IV - Personnel registration systems and salary processing
  • The Individual Work Register;
  • Examples of Organizations;
  • Practical Wage Processing Exercises;
  • Map of Extraordinary Hours;
  • Software to support salary processing.
  • Elaboration and Implementation of Performance Evaluation Systems;
  • Objectives and Strategies of Performance Evaluation;
  • Methods and Instruments of Performance Evaluation;
  • The Performance Evaluation Interview;
  • Presence control - methods and techniques;
  • Absenteeism management;
  • Practical case analysis and application exercises.

Module V - Legal factors of the work - Applicable Legal Regime
  • Minutes of Work Contracts;
  • Disciplinary proceedings:
    • Deadlines;
    • Reports.
  • Compliance with legal obligations:
    • Compulsory communications;
    • Deadlines.
  • Rules and preventive measures in general labor inspection
  • The Qualifier:
    • Management of Careers.
  • Case studies and practical exercises, with application of local legislation;
  • Training and Personal Development:
    • Objectives and Strategic Importance of Training and Professional Development;
    • Diagnosis and Training and Professional Development needs;
    • Evaluation of the Impact of Training.

Next date: 08-05-2018
Schedule: 08:00 - 17:00
Duration: 30 horas
Investment: 1.750,00 euros
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