Specialization MINI-MBA Hazard Identification, Assessment and Professional Risk Control - Online

The Hazard Identification Specialization Mini-MBA, Assessment and Professional Risk Control provides tools to implement participants’ effective methods and appropriate for the level of hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.

This training observes a positive impact on the company's ability to ensure the safety and health of their workers, preventing incidents, accidents and cases of occupational disease derived from existing risks in the workplace.

At the end of the Specialization Mini-MBA, participants will be able to apply appropriate methodologies and techniques for Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control of Professional Risks associated with safety, hygiene and health conditions at work.


Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – Hazards and occupational hazards Identification
  • General Security Concepts, Health and Safety at Work and legal framework.
  • Methodologies and hazard identification techniques to prevent the risks of work.
  • Direct observation;
  • Interviews;
  • Consultation of employees;
  • Specialized technical information;
  • Raw materials lists;
  • Intermediates;
  • By-products;
  • Residues and final products;
  • Labeling and safety data sheets for chemicals;
  • Absenteeism lists;
  • Occupational diseases and work-related accident;
  • Investigation of accidents and incidents.
Module II – Process of risk assessment
  • Process of risk assessment – concepts and terminology;
  • Methodologies and potential risk assessment techniques in the design phase.
Module III – Risk Assessment
  • Framework and concepts;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Analysis and assessment of risk;
  • Typology of methods;
  • Qualitative methods;
  • Semi-quantitative methods;
  • Quantitative methods;
  • Evaluation Steps risks;
  • Risk management;
  • Risk assessment methods:
  • Quantitative evaluation methods and semi-quantitative:
  • Method What If...?;
  • Fault Matrix Method;
  • William Fine method;
  • Marat method;
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA);
  • Preliminary Risk Analysis (PRA);
  • Hazop – Hazard and Operability Studies;
  • Fault Tree (FTA).
Module IV – Risk control
  • General prevention principles;
  • Measures of prevention and protection;
  • Engineering measures;
  • Organizational measures;
  • Measures of information and training;
  • Collective protection measures;
  • Safety signs;
  • Criteria for program implementation measures;
  • Technical monitoring and control of the implementation of preventive measures;
  • Maintenance of equipment and systems;
  • Methodologies and techniques for assessing the degree of compliance procedures;
  • Criteria for evaluating the costs and benefits of preventive and protective measures;
  • Valuation techniques of effective action;
  • Thematic view.
Module V – Exam Preparation
  • Assess and evaluate the knowledge acquired.
Module VI – Closing
  • Specialization MIni-MBA evaluation: trainers and trainees.

The necessary prerequisites to attend this course are:
Have access to a computer or tablet with an Internet connection and a browser (program for surfing the web), such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
You can access the course from any computer (for example, at home and at the office), tablet or smartphone.


This course is always with the trainer, who will even give a face-to-face training through the platform.
The trainee can intervene together with the trainer or with the other trainees as he does in the classroom.
Practices and exercises will always be made available by the non-final trainer of each training session.
At the end of the course, you will receive a Professional Training Certificate if you attend at least 90% of the classes, carry out the proposed work and tests, participate in the online exercise and have a positive final assessment.
This training is certified and recognized.

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