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Interpersonal Excellence - Processes, methodologies and Behaviors

This course aims to equip participants with the following skills and behaviors that allow them to value themselves and strengthen their working relationships, increasingly important conditions for achieving excellence goals and results.

Specific objectives:

At the end of this course participants will know:
    Use assertive behavior and limit ineffective outcomes;
    Influence your colleagues in a positive and effective way;
    Acquiring instruments for cooperative and non-confrontational action;
    Influence and motivate others regardless of the authority of their position;
    Improve your relationships in the various roles, with suppliers and with customers;
    Leading teams more effectively and improving their relationship capital;
    Promote cooperation between functions and people;
    Encourage managers to work in teams and share information;
    Integrate team opinions into decision-making processes.

Consult us for the content of training.


 1. The three pillars of interpersonal excellence;
2. Clarify your strategy of interpersonal influence;
3. Know yourself better to communicate more effectively;
4. Communicate openly and effectively;
5. Develop winning cooperation;
6. Case study;
7. Question & Answer Session.

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Duration: 18 horas
Investment: Consulte-nos
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