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Excel Applied to Human Resources-Office

General objectives:

Excel has become established in the last few years as one of the most important quantitative tools applied to business, offering the possibility of carrying out tasks and faster and more efficient procedures. Good use of this tool allows all employees save time and money! It is no coincidence that many managers convert Excel at its best employees for their daily activity. thus optimize their decisions to HR management level, using their full potential and turning the Excel information into effective information to support decision-making.

Specific objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
  • Prepare and structure Excel models adapted to the different needs and HR processes;
  • Save time by automating repetitive administrative processes and procedures, including through macros;
  • Optimize and support the decision making of the salary review policies through graphical analysis and automatic calculations;
  • Create reports for automatic filling of the social balance through the export of personal data management software;
  • Optimize the calculations related to training by creating training dossiers and reports and organizing information through Excel;
  • Structuring and organizing a framework of HR indicators, facilitating periodic review and achieved objectives visualization;
  • Plan, design and implement a performance evaluation by applying the Excel capabilities.


 Module I - The Excel application in the different processes of Human Resources

Module II - Planning , Design and Performance Evaluation of Implementation in Excel

Module III - Excel as a tool to carry out Salary Reviews

Module IV - Administrative Management - Automation of calculations in Excel

Module V - Automation Social Report based on Excel

Module VI - Optimization and Excel domain for calculations related Training

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Duration: 30 Horas
Investment: 1.800,00 €
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