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Metrology and Calibration

In view of the legal and regulatory requirements imposed, organizations must have adequate management of their monitoring and measurement equipment.
This seminar aims to enable participants to:
• Know the typologies of metrology and calibration.
• Understand the conceptual structure;
• Know the structure and methods of calibration, verification and their validations.
• Know the main differences between calibration and verification.


MODULE I - General Basics, metrology categories:
-Scientific, industrial and legal;
-Accreditation and other acknowledgments of metrological entities.

MODULE II - Management of Measurement and Test Equipment:
-Measurement requirements;
-Definition of acceptance criteria;
-Calibration vs metrological verification;
-Determination of Calibration Periodicity (OIML D101), among others);
-Equipment subject to calibration vs verification (internal and external);
-Adequacy of the equipment to the specificity of the monitoring and measurement activities carried out in the organization;

MODULE III - Analysis and validation of results of metrological operations (calibration, verification, etc.):
-Main sources of variation of measurements (repeatability, reproducibility, among others);
-Validation methodology.

MODULE IV - Receipt and approval of Certificates issued abroad:
-Certificate Analysis
-Calibration Validation vs Verification

MODULE V - Summary and interconnection of the topics discussed.

• 15-10-2019 | Avenida da República, 1629, 4º esq. Vila Nova de Gaia
• 28-11-2019 | Avenida de Berna, nº 11, 8º, 1050-040 Lisboa

Next date: 15-10-2019
Schedule: 9h00 - 17h00
Duration: 7h
Investment: 200,00€+IVA
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