Project Team Management: Dealing effectively with the Human Aspect of Project Management

General Objectives:
This Course aims to provide participants with the following skills: techniques and skills necessary for an effective organization and management of the people belonging to the Project Teams.

Specific Objectives:
At the end of this course, participants will know:
• Organize the project and the team;
• Recruit and select a team effectively;
• Manage the team's people effectively;
• Develop the team;
• Motivate to gain performance;
• Manage conflicts.


Module I - Planning and organization
  • What is a Project?
  • Project Requirements Analysis;
  • Project constraints;
  • Project organization chart;
  • Time Management.
Module II - Creation of the project team
  • Organization and Organigram of the Project Team;
  • Definition of the required competencies and functions;
  • Recruitment and Selection Practices;
  • Roles and Responsibilities of each element;
  • Good Human Resource Management Practices.
Module III - Team development and motivation
  • What is motivation?
  • The motivation of each element of the company: recognize individual differences;
  • Recognize the group's goals;
  • Reinforce the team;
  • Evaluation of the team's efforts and results;
  • Rewards and recognition and recognition systems;
  • The importance of a motivated team - team with a high level of execution;
  • Activities that contribute to increasing team cohesion;
  • Performance Reports;
  • The importance of training.
Module IV - Conflict Management
  • Identify conflicts;
  • Deal and manage conflicts;
  • Constructive disagreement.

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