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Master in Occupational Risk and Health Management - OHSAS 18001

Provide participants with technical and practical knowledge that enables them, at the end of training, to proactively work in the workplace to make them safer. Alert and raise awareness of the economic and social importance of occupational risk prevention and the advantages of improving working conditions in reducing accidents, occupational diseases and, consequently, absenteeism.

Specific objectives
At the end of the training the participants should have developed competences that allow them to:
  • Identify and distinguish hazards from the workplace;
  • Identify and assess risks associated with existing hazards;
  • Implement preventive and / or corrective measures to minimize risks that can not be eliminated in order to increase safety and comfort at work and reduce occupational diseases;
  • Adopt safe behaviors and use work equipment and protection correctly;
  • Act in case of emergency and first aid.


Module I - Legal Framework
  • Fundamental legislation;
  • National and international standards.

Module II - Risks present at the workplace
  • Definition of danger and risk;
  • Hazards identification;
  • Identification and management of occupational risks;
  • Preventive measures.

Module III - Health and Safety at Work
  • General framework of occupational health;
  • The various types of agents and the Dose-response relationship;
  • Occupational disease - symptoms;
  • Health promotion and prevention of occupational disease;
  • Illness, Accidents and Absenteeism.

Module IV - Brief overview of the OHSAS 18001 standard
  • Most significant points of OHSAS 18001:
    • PDCA cycle (plan - do - check - act);
    • Management System Policy;
    • Responsible for the Management System;
    • Legislation applicable;
    • Improvement program;
    • Indicators, goals and objectives;
    • Processes;
    • Procedures and records;
    • Corrections and corrective actions;
    • Specificities of OHSAS 18001:
      • Method for assessing safety risk;
      • Accidents.
    • Emergency plan.

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Duration: 30h
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