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Expression and Communication Techniques

 This course aims to provide participants with knowledge, methods, techniques and tools that improve their Expression and Communication skills.

Specific objectives:
At the end of this course participants will know:
• Identify the importance of Communicating;
• Communicate effectively in situations of tension and nervousness;
• Use oral expression techniques at the level of:
- Placement and projection of voice;
- Breathing;
- Diction.
• Developing Body Expression at the level of:
- Gestures;
- Posture;
- Visual contact;
- Know how to work the Personal image (personal marketing).


Module I - Expression and communication
Module II - Expression skills
Module III - Speak and know how to introduce yourself
Module IV - Protocol and Communication
Module V - Communication
Module VI - Communication-interpersonal / intergroup / inter-sector

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Duration: 24 horas
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