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Logistics and Strategic Planning

General objectives:

Several factors are important to the achievements in the market and Logistics is one of them. Effective logistics only bring positive results to the organization. If well planned, it involves almost every department of a company, from the acquisition of the raw material to the finished product.
Within the company of the 21st Century, departments must act in an integrated and not isolated way. Thus, internal conflicts and logistic planning are avoided. The departments and employees must interact in a positive way, having one objective at a time without harming either the suppliers or the customers.
We must be attentive so that all the needs are met in the time stipulated avoiding delays in the process of receiving, producing and dispatching the material.

Specific objectives:
  • At the end of this course participants will:
  • Define innovative logistics strategy and success for your organization or logistics services;
  • Significantly reduce stocks by introducing an effective system of collaboration with all stakeholders of your supply chain - customers and suppliers;
  • Rearrange the macro flows, physical and information, the company and along the chain, from the supplier to the end consumer;
  • Choose and introduce a distribution policy tailored to customer needs;
  • Collaborate with suppliers and customers to reduce logistics risks;
  • Effectively manage a logistics service through relevant management indicators and improve their performance continuously.
  • Provide and update skills to enable understanding the role of global logistics.
  • Organize company information from the supplier to the customer.
  • Reduce stocks by introducing an effective information system with customers.
  • Choose and enter a transport policy adapted to customer needs.
  • Manage effectively and efficiently a logistics service through relevant management indicators.
  • Collaborate with suppliers and customers to reduce logistics risks.


 Module 0 - Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and methodologies of operation of training action.
  • Module I - The role of logistics in the company
  • Globalize the logistic acts of the supplier to the client: the management of its planning;
  • What the customer expects from the logistics;
  • Logistics and other functions (purchasing, quality, production, commercial);
  • Quality;
  • Shopping and Commercial Area.
Module II - Organize an effective physical logistics
  • The classic solutions;
  • The solutions "by request upstream".
Module III - Strategic Logistics Planning
  • SWOT Analysis in Logistics;
  • Theories and Fundamental Ideas;
  • Strategic planning.
Module IV - Logistics Specifications
  • What is the Charge book;
  • Collaborate with suppliers;
  • The logistic agreement;
  • Manage a logistics service;
  • Management of the flows of the logistics platform (DRP, EDI Internet);
  • Master the costs and results. Performance and indicators in logistics management.

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Schedule: 8:00 - 17:00
Duration: 30h
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