Financial Management

General Objectives:

This specialization course will focus on the main thematic components under the financial area of an Organization (Accounting, Management and Financial Analysis, Management Control, with the aim of providing a complete mastery of the most important aspects in each of them. When we conduct this specialization course have as main objective to provide and update skills to enablemaster key aspects within the accounting and finance.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of this course participants will:
  • To know what they consist and what are the main functions in an organization;
  • What constitutes accounting;
  • Know which consist of several optical or perspectives (financial, economic and monetary), which accounting records associated with each optics and have the ability to "read" and understand this information:
  • What constitutes the Financial Management and its main objectives;
  • Having knowledge of the most relevant aspects related to financial stability;
  • Be aware of the specifics of a budgetary procedure;
  • What constitutes the Financial Analysis and master their main techniques;
  • Have dominion of the main aspects related to planning in an organization;
  • What constitutes the Management Control and responsibility centers;
  • Know the main management control systems.


Module 0 – Opening
  • Presentation of trainers and trainees;
  • Presentation of the objectives and training program operating methodologies.
Module I – “Accounting”
  • Introduction:
  • Company concept;
  • The Functions;
  • Formal and informal organization.
  • The “Accounting”:
  • Concept;
  • Accounting types;
  • The bill (accounting);
  • The accounting handling;
  • The balance of an account;
  • The double entry method or the double entry.
  • The optical / financial perspective:
  • Objective;
  • The “Balance”;
  • Depreciation and amortization;
  • Provisions;
  • Main accounts.
  • The optical / economic perspective:
  • Objective;
  • The demonstration and the results of the exercise;
  • key accounts.
  • The monetary optical:
  • Objective;
  • The box sheet;
  • Other accounting records:
  • The “Diary”;
  • The “Reason”;
  • The “Balance Sheet”.
Module II – “The Management and Financial Analysis”
  • The Financial function:
  • Types flows;
  • The evolution of the financial function;
  • The cash budget;
  • The financial plan.
  • The “Financial Management”:
  • Concept;
  • Objectives of “Financial Management”.
  • The financial balance:
  • “Working capital”;
  • “Functional balance”;
  • The needs of "Working Capital Fund";
  • “Net Cash”;
  • Typical statements of account
  • The “Budget Process”;
  • The “Financial Analysis”:
  • Concept;
  • Financial Analysis Techniques:
  • The certification of “Financial statements”;
  • The comparison of “Financial statements”;
  • “Ratios”.
Module III – “The Management Control”
  • “Planning”:
  • “Vision”, “Mission” and “Values”;
  • The strategy;
  • “Strategic planning”;
  • Operational Planning
  • Control Management:
  • Concept;
  • “Centers of responsability”;
  • Systems of Control Management:
  • “OVAR Method”;
  • Tableau de bord;
  • “BSC - Balanced Scorecard”;
  • “Reporting”;
  • Incentive Systems.
Module IV – Closing

High Skills - Formação e Consultoria
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